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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for Dog Walking?

Our prices vary depending on your dog’s behaviour, size, age, and home location. Our average price is $25/walk plus HST, minimum twice per week service. Most reputable Dog Walkers will charge similarly. We are licensed with The City of Richmond, insured, bonded, First Aid Canine Certified and Nancy is also a Dog Walker Certified with the renowned DogTec School in San Francisco, CA.

Be sure of who you trust with your beloved dog – ask for references, certification and most important, proof of licensing.  A cheaper rate can mean heartache if you trust your dog(s) to an inexperienced, untrained Dog Walker.

Do you take the dogs to off-leash dog parks?

No. For the safety of your dog(s), all of our dogs walk on-leash and in a Pack (with other dogs).  When we are able to offer a safe and secure off-leash adventure for your dog(s), we will discuss this option with you. We can recommend a good Off-Leash walker if needed.

How long are your walks?

Our walks are usually one hour long, weather permitting. Walks that are detrimental to your dog’s health may be cut short (e.g. too hot in the summer or too much ice or snow in the winter).

Do you walk in bad weather?

We walk rain or shine. If we have to cancel due to dangerous weather (see above), we try and just do individual quick pee breaks for everyone if possible.

If I need a dog walker for just one week, can you help me?

It takes time, patience and professional experience to safely introduce a new dog to an established pack. For this reason, we prefer a long-term commitment to a minimum of twice a week service. This enables your dog(s) to adjust and enjoy the walk more than uneven, drop-in schedules.

But because we realize the importance of regular exercise for your dog(s), we may be able to fit in a drop-in depending on our schedule – call to inquire.

Where do you walk?

We walk in Richmond at a variety of sites, but most of our walks are along the dyke, around Garry Point and through Steveston Village.

Do you walk aggressive dogs?

Yes we do. We are professionally certified to handle all types of behaviour. Safety of your dog(s) and all the other members of the Pack is our top priority. We will note any dogs with biting or aggressive behaviour history. This may mean they may have to wear a muzzle for our walks, or they may have to be walked on their own at a different time of day. We will do whatever is necessary to give the Pack the best walk possible.

How do you pick up and return our dog? Do you need a key?

We carry all dogs in a large new 250E series Ford van, furnished with crates (although some of our old-timers prefer a pillow).

Yes, we will need access to your home. We are all bonded and referrals can be supplied should you require. We have a wide range of clientele and a flawless reputation, and we value the trust all of our clients place in us.

Can you board my dog when I go on vacation? How much do you charge?

Yes, we can offer two types of boarding: your home or ours.

If you prefer your dog(s) stay in familiar surroundings, we can offer a stay-at-home sitter. One of our trained and bonded staff will stay in your home and will be with your dog(s) all night, including daily walks and a day full of companionship. In-house sitting services are $65/night for 3 dogs or less. Extra charges may apply for extra dogs.

Boarding in our home starts at $35 per night, per dog, depending on size. A small extra charge will be applied to any extra furry siblings.

If you do not use our walking services, we cannot accept your dog(s) in our home.

I have a question that isn't answered here.

I would love to talk to you at (604) 785-1476!

Why Hire a Dogwalker

Your dog needs exercise.

More than anything else, your dog needs exercise. Depending on the breed, your dog should be walked a minimum of one hour every day.

You need a break.

Are you working long hours?

If are unable to walk your dog every day, we can help.


Peace of mind.

A daily walk is is an effective solution for problems like excessive barking, digging to China, and chewing on furniture

This behaviour can be reduced by releasing your pet’s pent up energy.


Dog walking

We will come to where you are, pick up your dog, give it it’s daily exercise on-leash, and then deliver your dog back to you.

If you provide us with a key to your home, we can pick up your dog, take it for a walk, and drop it off while you are not at home.

Dog Sitting

If you want peace of mind knowing your dog is being well cared for in a home with a family and 2 other dogs, we can help.

Because our dog-sitting service is within our home, We will have to assess your dog to be sure it will fit in. We will not accept dogs with extreme behaviour problems or profound health issues for dog-sitting.


We can provide one-on-one consultation to discuss topics such as:

  • How to properly lead your dog, not only on the leash
  • but also in everyday life.
  • How to handle behavior challenged and socially inept dogs.
  • How to get started with a new puppy.
Grooming Pick Up / Drop Off

Shaggy, smelly, matted dog? Busy at work?

We can pick-up and drop off your dog to your groomers for you.

Personal Shopper

Can’t get around to pick-up food for your pooch or shop for a new leash? We can help you. Let us be your personal shopper for your pet.

Boarding Services

If you want piece of mind knowing your dog is well cared for while you are on vacation, please consider our services.

Don’t disrupt your dog’s routine – We offer live-in dog nanny services in the comfort of your own home. Call for more information!

Why Us

We walk dogs on-leash

It is our belief that walking dogs on-leash promotes better exercise for them, and better behaviour. It’s takes more effort, but we feel the results are worth it.

We're not afraid of anti-social dogs

Nancy sees herself as someone who is capable of helping dogs with behavioural problems, and she enjoys seeing dogs and their owners become happier when those issues are solved.

We have a passion for dog care.

We want to get to know your dog, and help it become a better dog. Nancy enjoys getting to know dogs, and if it has problems she loves helping it overcome them.


Julie, Lola and Daisy

Nancy is a lifesaver for me! She has been walking Daisy and Lola (puppies) for me and clearly loves dogs and understands them. When I got Daisy she was very timid and scared of people and dogs so I was unsure how she would do with walking in a group. I had never had a dog before. It has been the best thing possible I could have done for my dog and she loves Nancy. Nancy spent some time with me to help me learn how to train the dogs better and I would trust her anytime with my little furbabies!!! “


Louise, Jeff and Bullseye

“We were apprehensive about leaving our 9-week-old puppy 2 days a week when we’re both at work but Nancy really put us at ease. She feeds Bullseye her lunch then takes her for exercise and play with other dogs. We really appreciate that our stubborn and rambunctious bull terrier is getting socialized as well as lots of her energy drained. The daily updates are great and we now leave the house for work knowing that Bullseye will have a great day!”

Anne and Alphie

“Nancy’s services are dependable, professional and trustworthy. I have a limited income, but when I broke both my wrist and ankle, seeing Nancy’s ad in the newspaper was truly a God send. My 15 pound poodle always over-reacted to large dogs in the neighbourhood, but with Nancy’s firm gentle hand with pack etiquette skills, he totally fits in. Amazing!”

Gwen, Lisa and Tilly

“Nancy has become Tilly’s ‘Other Mother’! When we come home it’s as if Tilly can’t wait to tell us all about her exciting day spent with Nancy and her puppy pals. There is no doubt in our minds that Tilly is in the safest possible hands and that means the world to us. Tilly’s report card let’s keeps us up to date which helps us be part of Tilly’s life while we are at work. We feel so grateful to have Tilly in Nancy’s care….she Rocks!”

Clare, Jane, Keith, Piper, Stella and Jake.

“Nancy is a life saver. We had a crisis with our senior Dog and she dealt with it, and then let us know right away. I was grateful for her advice and help. Nancy is also midday walking two rambunctious other dogs for us at the same time. They are crazy about her and she really cares for them. I love daily notes and updates. Thanks so much Nancy and Armando.”

Lou Nelson, Jackson’s mom

“There’s Jackson, at the window, tail wagging, the other end barking with excitement, waits when he knows Nancy is coming to take him for his walk. She is so good with him and he loves her. What more can you ask?”

Jennifer & Matt Kaiser (Loved by: Luke, Leia, Han and Chewy – Boxers and Jedis)

“We have been using Richmond Dog Walking for quite a while now. Nancy has been an absolute life saver! She is reliable and dependable. We trust her 100% with our babies. Nancy has really great presence with our dogs and they absolutely love her! She cares so much for our dogs and always looks out for them. Thank you Nancy!”

Sarah and Leslie (Abby’s parents)

“We had been thinking of a dog walker for our Abby for a while. Then lo and behold we met Nancy and her family on a cruise in Mexico 2008 Spring Break. Abby loves her “play dates” with Nancy and the other dogs and we are delighted to have found such a loving, responsible caregiver for our pet.”

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